Florigrown is a Florida medical marijuana treatment center. Our team is committed to producing the best medical grade cannabis for our patients. To us, the best means:

The highest quality

The world’s best cannabis strains; phenotypes¬†handpicked for strength and consistency, and expertly cultivated to produce the ideal medical flower

The safest and the purest

Flower cultivated in a hydroponic lab environment, processed with pharmaceutical methods and triple-tested  to ensure pure medicine, free of any contaminants

Sustainably cultivated

Leading the industry in environmental sustainability by using cutting edge energy and water conservation technologies

Are you a veteran?

We can help! Our company is focused on serving those who serve our country.

For veteran medical cannabis patients in Florida, we offer discounts and customized group and individual assistance.

For veterans who are looking to enter this exciting industry, we offer veteran preference hiring and employment support.

Contact us for more information.